What Causes Tint To Bubble & How To Prevent It

Bubbles in a vehicle’s window tint can be unsightly, to say the least. Not only does it look sloppy; it also inhibits the tint’s ability to work as intended. If you’ve seen your share of bubbled window tint, the thought alone might put you off choosing window tint for your own vehicle. The truth is that there are a number of reasons why a vehicle’s window tint might bubble or blister, and most of them are preventable. Learn more about bubbled or blistered window tint and how you can stop it in its tracks.

Why are there bubbles in my car’s window tint?

Environmental Factors

Contrary to what you might believe, environmental factors like high temperatures and humidity aren’t the most likely culprit for bubbled tint. It can be a factor in some cases, and it’s usually due to tension in the film causing it to pull away from its adhesive or moisture forming between the tint and the glass. Extreme climates can cause cheaper films, or films that weren’t applied with adequate sealant, to bubble or warp.

With as warm as it can get here in Oklahoma City, it’s best to take precautions against bubbled window tint. The simplest way to do that is to choose the highest quality tint available. At Turbo Tint of South OKC, we’re proud to provide motorists in Oklahoma City, Moore, Mustang, Norman, and the surrounding areas with superior window films that stand up to whatever Mother Nature might have in store.

Dust and Debris Caught Between Window and Tint

If you didn’t clean your windows and windshield before applying tint, it increases the odds that your tint will bubble or blister at some point. Even small particles between the glass and tint can become larger bubbles in time. An experienced installer, like the team at Turbo Tint of South OKC, will know to make sure that your windows are clean and clear of any dirt, dust, or debris prior to installing your tint.

Poor Quality Tint Film

As a rule, the quality of the tint you choose is going to determine how it performs over time. While some cheaper tint options might look good to start, they’re not built to last and they’ll break down much quicker. Many of these films are more susceptible to heat, which will cause bubbling or blistering. It’s also possible that a cheap tint doesn’t contain the UV inhibitors that prevent color fade or high-quality adhesive for a proper seal. Turbo Tint only uses high-quality films and sealants, which helps to ensure proper performance.

Improper Tint Installation

Sometimes, it’s just a matter of operator error. Although window films are available at many big box stores and DIY installation might seem easy, it takes an experienced professional to install films in a way that prevents bubbling, warping, and cracking. Beyond that, pre-cut tints are mass produced and often feature weak adhesives, which is one of the most common causes of bubbling.

How To Prevent Bubbling Window Tint

Choosing Turbo Tint of South OKC helps you avoid the two most common causes of bubbling: poor quality products and inexperienced installers. Our team uses only industry-leading window tint that are custom cut to fit your vehicle perfectly. Thanks to our years of experience installing window tint, we know what it takes to ensure a good seal and great performance. If you should ever experience any issues with your tint, we stand behind our services with a lifetime warranty.

For the best quality window tint in South OKC, look no further than Turbo Tint. We proudly provide our automotive window tinting services to motorists throughout Oklahoma City, Mustang, Moore, Norman, and surrounding areas. Schedule your next visit today!