How To Reduce Energy Bills With Window Tinting

Another hot Oklahoma City summer is on the way, and you might already be worried about how much your energy bills will go up with the warmer weather. It’s a fair concern – keeping your home cool all summer long can ask a lot of your HVAC system, and that inevitably leads to higher energy costs. Turbo Tint of South Oklahoma City provides homeowners throughout the Oklahoma City area – including OKC, Norman, Mustang and Moore – with architectural tinting services that help make your space more comfortable during the summer.

Everyone likes letting in natural light on a sunny day, but your windows protect you less from the sun’s rays than you might think. Windows that aren’t tinted let in harmful UV rays that can fade or warp your furniture and damage your skin, to say nothing of the irritating glare it creates. Beyond that, your windows may not have been built to prevent heat transfer and allow the sun’s warmth to get inside. As a result, you may find yourself running your air conditioner at lower and lower temperatures in order to make it more comfortable inside. Choosing to enhance your windows with window film is a simple, cost-effective way to lower your summertime energy costs and protect your home from the sun. With window films, you can:

  • Increase your energy efficiency. Window films even out hot spots in your home and make the indoor temperature consistent, meaning that you won’t have to run the AC on a lower temperature than you might like in order to keep the entire house cool.
  • Reduce glare. Our window films significantly cut down on annoying glare. In fact, our standard film reduces glare by 91%!
  • Prevent fading. The artwork, wood flooring, and upholstered furniture in your home is at risk of fading when exposed to UV rays. By blocking 99% of UV rays, our window films protect your belongings from damage and keep them looking their best.
  • Add protection, privacy, and style. While most homeowners choose our clear window films, we also offer privacy films that replicate the look of frosted or etched glass. Prying eyes and intruders will stay right where they belong: away from your home.

Cost Of Window Film Vs. Window Replacement

Window tinting is a cost-effective way to increase the energy efficiency and comfort of your home. While it may be tempting to invest in replacement windows, choosing window films offers many of the same benefits at just a fraction of the cost. When you choose window tinting, it puts more money in your pocket both upfront and in the long run. Estimates show that tinting costs just one tenth of the average replacement window. Better yet, they pay for themselves in just 2-5 years, as opposed to 10 years for replacement windows. You can feel good about adding window tints to your home.

Interested In Architectural Window Tinting? Trust The Experts At Turbo Tint of OKC.

Ready to upgrade the performance of your South Oklahoma City home? Turbo Tint is the one to call. We have years of experience installing premium window tint to homes in Oklahoma City, Norman, Moore, Mustang and the surrounding areas. Our installers are professionally trained, and we stand behind our work with an extensive warranty. We don’t consider a job done until you’re completely satisfied. To learn more, reach out online or give us a call today!