How to Prevent Damage to Your Car's Interior With Automotive Window Tinting

Protect Your Vehicle’s Interior with Automotive Window Tint

There’s no two ways around it – older cars can look pretty shabby, and it’s more than faded or chipped exterior paint. Cracked leather, faded upholstery, and dingy plastic surfaces all come from the same place: prolonged sun exposure over time. You might think that this is inevitable wear-and-tear or a natural part of your vehicle’s aging process, but it doesn’t have to be.

High-quality window tint from Turbo Tint of South OKC can keep the inside of your vehicle looking sharp for years to come. Your local window tint professionals at Turbo Tint of South OKC have the skills and experience needed to protect your vehicle’s interior from sun damage. Read on to learn more!

What Causes Vehicle Interior to Fade and Crack?

With our year-round sunny weather, Oklahomans know how important it is to keep our skin protected when we’re outdoors. You might not know that you’re just as vulnerable to sun damage when you’re indoors, and so are your belongings. When you park your vehicle in sunny spots, the sun’s infrared and UV rays can do pretty significant damage. UV rays enter your vehicle through its windows and cause the interior temperature to rise. Beyond making your vehicle more uncomfortable for you, it also dries out interior plastics and leather. If your vehicle’s seats are upholstered, excess sun causes the fabric to fade. And if that weren’t enough, heat and sunlight may break down the bonds holding the fabric together and lead to tears.

How Automotive Window Tint Prevents Interior Damage

There’s quite a lot working against your car, but the solution is simpler than you might expect! Interior damage can be easily prevented with high-quality window film, like those we install at Turbo Tint of South OKC. For just a fraction of what it costs to reupholster your vehicle’s damaged interior, window film helps you block sun damage before it becomes a problem.

We offer a wide range of automotive window tint packages to suit any budget and driving style. Whichever you choose, you can trust that Turbo Tint only works with quality auto tint products. Our film can block up to 99% of UV rays. Since heat is also one of the biggest factors in vehicle interior damage, our films can reduce up to 62% of solar heat, keeping your vehicle cool and your interiors protected. Of course, our film also provides many benefits for Oklahoma City motorists, including added privacy and increased vehicle performance. They’re a worthy investment!

Why Do Vehicle Owners Trust Turbo Tint of South OKC?

If you’re ready to take your car’s sun protection to the next level, contact Turbo Tint of South OKC. We provide exceptional automotive tinting services for vehicle owners in Oklahoma City, Norman, Moore, and beyond. Here are a few of the reasons why vehicle owners in South OKC trust Turbo Tint:

  • Hassle-free, online scheduling & purchasing
  • One hour tint installation
  • Professionally trained tint installers
  • Accurate, computer-cut tint patterns
  • Lifetime warranty

Get in touch with our South OKC team today. You’ll be on your way to better looking interiors in no time!