6 Advantages of Commercial Window Tinting In OKC

Upgrade Your Office or Storefront With Commercial Window Tinting

There’s no shortage of reasons why tinting the windows at your commercial property is a smart idea. From making your space more energy efficient and adding privacy, to protecting your space from security risks, having window film professionally installed by Turbo Tint of South OKC will make a huge difference in your commercial property – without breaking the bank. We’re proud to provide commercial property owners in Oklahoma City, Moore, Mustang, and Norman with high-quality window films that bring the best out of their business. Read on to learn more about the advantages of commercial window tinting!

Improve Energy Efficiency

The vast majority of our commercial window tint clients are interested in making their businesses more energy efficient. Protective window films are an eco-friendly and budget conscious choice. We offer a range of window tint and films that let you enjoy natural sunlight while blocking out heat transfer. Not only will your property be more comfortable year-round; your HVAC system will work more efficiently, meaning energy savings for you.

Block UV Rays

Oklahomans know a thing or two about staying safe on hot, sunny days, but even people who are vigilant about protecting their skin while they’re outdoors may not realize that you’re still at risk from UV exposure when you’re inside. UV rays that come in through the window can continue to harm your skin and pose other health risks. Your belongings, like art and furniture, are also at risk from UV damage. Commercial window tint blocks nearly 99% of UV rays from entering your building, keeping people and things alike from being damaged by UV exposure.

Keep Employees and Customers Comfortable

The properties that help commercial window tint block heat transfer also help make the temperature inside your building more consistent. In commercial and residential buildings alike, there can be a lot of variances in comfort from room to room. Beyond cutting down on hot or chilly spots, window films also reduce the glare that can come from sunlight hitting computer screens, which in turn reduces strain and the risk of eye damage or headaches.

Add Visual Appeal to the Building Exterior

Commercial building with colored window film applied


Whether you install window tint on your vehicle, your home, or a commercial building, it’s sure to add a pop of style. Our sturdy window films are available in a wide range of colors and styles, all of which give your commercial property more curb appeal. Your business will make a great first impression and stand out from the rest of the community at a fraction of the cost of window replacement.

Increase Privacy

Everyone loves clear, sparkling windows and a beautiful view, but those things aren’t always ideal in a commercial setting. Most businesses have some spaces that need to be hidden from prying eyes. Privacy and frosted window films help to conceal the parts of your commercial property that require added security. In a commercial setting, privacy windows can help to preserve sensitive areas, as well as create separation without making the space feel smaller.

Improve Security

Windows and glass doors are among the most vulnerable areas of any commercial property. When intruders are trying to break in, they’re likely to check the windows first. Today’s window films wear a lot more hats than blocking heat and cutting down on UV exposure; they also add a layer of protection that improves the security of your business or commercial property. Most window films can help guard against damage from projectiles, severe weather, and other events that may pose safety risks to your building.

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